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Smartcard Payphone
Smartcard Payphone Side view
Keypad& Card view & Receivers

How it Works?

  • The Smart Payphone can be accessed by using a smart card which comes with on year warranty. It must be inserted in the slot Provided on the smart payphone by the user who wants to use the service.
  • Once inserted, the card is read, and the pre-loaded numbers would be displayed for the user. The User will have to choose the number on the graphic display make the call which the card checks if the user has sufficient balance in his smart card to place the call.
  • The Smart card is re-usable and could be recharged by using a POS or Point of source Unit which will be provided to the clients at the time of installation of the smart payphones.

How it useful?

  • The Smart cards would be provided at a very low cost to the users, making it affordable for everyone.
  • The targeted audience for this product would be the students at the educational institutions like residential schools & colleges, prisons and also in the places where there is a restriction for usage of electronic devices like mobile phones and let alone devices that could establish any connection between the user and personnel outside the premises.

Schools & colleges

  • The management at the school would be providing the students with the smart cards during the admission process.
  • These smart card would be pre-loaded with three numbers as per the approval of the parents which ensures privacy and non-risk environment for the students.
  • The Students hailing from the remote places could connect with their families without any hassle as the cost of the smart card services are affordable.
  • The smart card could be recharged using the POS unit available with the management of the schools very easily.


  • The Department at the prison would issue the prisoners with a smart card.
  • Because mobile phones are strictly prohibited for privacy and security concerns athe prisons our call restriction features would only let them connect to their families whose contact information would be fed into the smart cards as per the Department rules and approvals.
  • The Calls could be monitered by the officials for security conerns as well.

Key features of smart payphone

  • Introducing for the very first time in India, the TFT color graphic display for the smart pay phone.
  • Inbuilt 1500 mAh Lithium Ion Battery which ensures better back up to the Payphone during any kind of power failure conditions.
  • The TFT color graphic display would be useful in displaying daily quotes & season’s greetings thus both reminding and greeting the user with various special occasions.
  • Eauipped with an RTC (Real time Clock) for the very first time in a Payphone.
  • Dynamic display for the user to informed about the duration of the call.
  • Cost-efficient in regards of operation and maintenance when compared to the traditional PSTN payphone.
  • Efficient smart card reading ability that discriminates the fax smart cards.
  • Registered with the FOTA (Firmware-over-the-air) service which would enable the payphone to download software upgradations with ease.
  • Modular structure of the Payphone makes the maintenance very easy.

Highlights & Benefits

User friendly Service: The User’s interface is very simple for the user’s to easily choose and place a call. The smart cards can be easily recharged using the POS unit making it a hassle-free service for its users.

No Service Interuptions: There wouldn’t be any interruptions in the connections or the service as our company would provide its clients with only the best communication services 24/7.

Call Restriction Features: This feature enables and assists the users from residential schools & colleges, Prisons etc. to communicate with their families and friends.

No Incoming Calls Facility : This would provide an additional layer of privacy and security in residential schools & colleges and prisons as well.


  • TFT Color LCD based Wireless Smart Card GSM Phone.
  • 4” TFT Color LCD 320*240 Pixels, Quad Brand GSM
  • Indian Dial Tone, Wireless Smart Card Reader.
  • 5-12V Operating Voltage.
  • Inbuilt with 1500mAh Lithium Ion Battery
  • Day Quotes and Festival Messages.
  • Inbuilt RTC with Auto Date and Time Update.
  • Magnetic Hook Switch
  • FOTA(Firm Ware Over Through Air) Upgradable.