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Biometric Systems

We Deal in All Kind of Biometric Systems Mantra, Biomax, Zk Teco, Matrix and etc.

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CCTV Systems

We Deal All Kind of CCTV/ IP Cam's Wired/Wireless Cameras Brands like Hikivision,Honeywell,Dahua,Axis,CP Plus,WBox, etc..

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SmartCard Payphones

We Deal in Smartcard Phones where Phones resticted Areas like Residential Hostels,Prisons,High Secured Areas

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Access Control Systems

We Deal in All Kindo of Access control Systems Standalone,Centralized Systems Brands like Mantra,Biomax,matrix,Zk teco etc.

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Intruder Alarm

We Deal All kind of Intrude alram Systems Wired/Wireless Systems Brands Like AJAX,Spy Brothers, Securico,DSC 

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Smartcard Readers

We Deal all kind of Smart card Readers/writer like RF/UHF Readers Brands like ACS and etc...

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We Deal all cash counting machines,Token Display Systems,School Timer's and many more security/IT Related activities etc....

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Face Recognition Systems

We Deal all Kind of Face Recognition Systems like with Mask, with out Mask Detection Systems Zkteco,Biomax,Matrix Etc... 

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Intercom Systems

We Deal Intercom,PBX/PABX Systems with different Brands depends on Customer Choice...

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We Deal in RF ID ,MIFARE cards with 125khz/13.5Mhz Range various avialble in market

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